Assent in Depth: Vivian Maggitti, Enterprise Account Executive

One reason people love working at Assent is that they can stand behind our solutions. The work they do here helps manufacturers create more sustainable products and more ethical supply chains. 

Vivian Maggitti, Enterprise Account Executive, shares what it’s like to work at Assent, and how it allows her to combine her passion for business and sustainability.  

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Q&A With Vivian Maggitti

Q: What brought you to Assent?

A: I have a master’s in business and sustainability from Erasmus University. My goal straight out of school was to work in the sustainability field. I realized very quickly it’s a tough and competitive field to get into. I ended up taking a job in sales. What appeals to me about sales is that it offers unlimited earning potential. I’m really driven, ambitious, and goal-oriented, so it was a great fit for me. 

After I had a few years of sales under my belt, I decided I wanted to be able to tie my career back to sustainability. Assent was such a great combination. It tugged at the goal-driven side of me, but at the same time, I was able to use my background in sustainability and feel like I was working in the field for which I went to school.  

Q: What do you love about working for Assent?
A: What I love most about working at Assent is the people. I find that Assent hires people who get along. Everyone has a solid rapport.

I always really look forward to our team meetings. Everybody has something interesting and exciting to share. The people who work here are all really smart and involved in sustainability. One thing I appreciate about working at Assent is working with like-minded sustainability-oriented people.

Q: How does it feel knowing that your work directly contributes to solving some of the world’s most urgent problems, such as environmental issues, safety issues, and human rights? 

A: I am so proud and humbled to work for a company that is making progress working toward improving the environment and human rights in a tangible way. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was in my early teens. The fact that I can make such a tangible impact on major corporations, and therefore on the world, is something I’m really proud of. 

Q: In the current war for talent, what makes Assent a smart choice for candidates?

A: There are a few aspects why Assent is a smart choice for account executive candidates.

The first is the untapped potential for commissions. That was a non-negotiable for me. Many AEs are goal-oriented, very numbers-driven. The fact that you have untapped potential is so motivating and great to be a part of, because people really are hitting those numbers. When you see other AEs who have been with the company for four, five, six years hitting these really impressive quotas and closing big deals, it’s something I know is attainable.

Another really positive aspect of working at Assent is that we have a great tech stack. Anything you need as an AE is available. We have different databases for contacts, and we have the best software for call coaching and call recording. We have the technology in place to enable you to be successful in an AE role.

One thing I’ve appreciated after being here for a year and a half is the benefits. Assent is a company built by humans, so everything is very human-oriented. I’ve felt like I’ve had the flexibility to take a vacation. I’ve never felt bad about taking a sick day or taking a couple of days off and shutting off for a couple of days. Everyone is really encouraging about taking time off.

We also have different Slack channels that are oriented to hobbies people have. These are things that really make you look at yourself as a whole human. If you’re into cats, dogs, sports, music, cooking — there are Slack channels for all of those things. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues, especially when you’re working remotely.

Q: How do you feel supported in your role as an account executive by other teams? 

A: The size of Assent really empowers its salespeople. We’re at that size where you can get in touch with anyone you need. We don’t have a hierarchy that if you’re looking for information, you need to go through four people before you find the right one. It’s really casual — simply send over a Slack. 

At the same time, we’re big enough that we have all of these resources. When it comes to anything Salesforce, you do not have to be a Salesforce professional. We have an awesome Sales Operations team that can run any report to dig through your territory to find anything you might be missing in Salesforce. We have a great Sales Enablement team that’s focused on training, ongoing learning, and development. It’s great to have access to those people and have them know you by name. When I go to my Sales Op team or my Sales Enablement team with a question about an opportunity, or when it comes to the sales process, I can Slack one person directly. They know my name; they know how long I’ve been here. They know my history. They’re able to help me.  

Q: How does Assent allow you to bring your whole self to work? 

A: What I love about Assent is that you can really bring your whole self to work. Part of being a full-time remote employee is that I work from home. People can see my kitchen, my office, my living room. One thing people have learned pretty quickly is that I foster cats. It’s not unusual that I’ll be in the middle of a Zoom call and there will be a kitten crawling across the screen. I think it brightens up the meeting and people are pretty receptive. They always love seeing what my latest foster kitten is up to. 

The flexibility that comes with the job is really great. If I want to work out over lunch, I can. I can work flexible hours during the day so I can finish early — it makes the role really results-oriented. As long as you’re hitting your numbers, as long as you’re attending team meetings, and you’re on time for events, you have the freedom to live your life and do what you need to do to be successful in the role. 

Q: Organizations have a great deal of work to do in terms of inclusion and diversity. How is Assent moving in the right direction? 

A: Assent is making many efforts when it comes to diversity and inclusion. That was apparent to me before I even started working here. I found out about Assent through a woman in the sales group I was part of in my previous role. That’s where I met Kelly Barter, one of our awesome female leaders at Assent. She was a mentor in the program. 

At one point, she was speaking to our group, and she mentioned Assent, and how the company backed her mentorship of this group. Despite the fact that this took time out of Kelly’s day, it was something that Assent valued. That’s what made me apply for this role. 

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we have a Slack channel dedicated to pride, and it’s active every day. There are always people sharing their stories, or they’re sharing links to stories of how things are changing in Ottawa at our headquarters or in their home cities.       

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