Assent in Depth: Kevin Bui, Enterprise Account Executive

We value depth at Assent. You must go deep into your supply chain to find the insights that are most important to your business. Our salespeople help manufacturers see deeper so they can uncover hidden risks, maintain market access, and prevent damage to their reputation.

Kevin Bui, Account Executive, shares his thoughts on what it’s like to work at Assent and the importance of supply chain sustainability management. 

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Q&A With Kevin Bui

Q: What brought you to Assent? 

A: I heard so many great things about Assent prior to coming here. My good friend who currently works here spoke glowingly about the culture and referred me to this role. As soon as I interviewed with my current manager, it was clear to me that Assent had an amazing leadership team that I wanted to work for. Also, the concept of working for a unicorn tech company that was growing like a rocket ship was intriguing, and knowing I would be making a meaningful difference in the supply chains around the world from a sustainability perspective was also a key reason for wanting to work for Assent. 

Q: How has Assent given you a new perspective on the world? 

A: Before working here, I didn’t know that the individual parts that make up a product can be sourced from unsustainable areas where forced labor, human tracking, slavery, conflict minerals, etc. are present. To me, a product was just a product, and I didn’t look at it any other way. Assent has given me a new perspective on how products are made and the importance of ensuring they are made sustainability and are sourced ethically, and in compliance with environmental laws. Abiding by compliance laws and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles make an enormous difference in keeping our world and its supply chains safe and sustainable. This motivates me every day to get up and go to work because I know what we’re doing is making a difference in the world.

Q: What do you love about working at Assent? 

A: The culture is truly one of a kind. It was clear very early on that the culture Assent has fostered is one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand and it truly feels like a communal atmosphere — it’s one of my favorite parts about working here. Another thing I love about the culture is that everyone has a growth mindset. The leadership team has fostered a growth mindset, and that has trickled down to everyone else.

Q: How has Assent’s culture of transparency impacted your work as an account executive? 

A: From the leadership team down, the doors are always open and transparency is highly valued, which has helped me feel a sense of belonging in my role. For example, I’ve never been at a company where within your first three months, the CEO reaches out and schedules a 20-minute coffee chat with you, where you’re allowed to ask him whatever you like. That is pretty cool.

Q: How has Assent empowered your career development or personal growth? 

A: In my short time here, I’ve seen myself grow personally and professionally, and I attribute it to the fact that Assent is such a fast-growing company that’s growing the right way. Working for a rocket ship helps expedite your learning and growth as you’re motivated to continue learning new skills and leveraging new tools to keep up with the rapid growth.

Q: What makes an account executive position at Assent meaningful and fulfilling?

A: I get to do what I love most, which is speaking with clients every day and helping them ensure their global supply chains are sustainable and environmentally compliant. When you talk about supply chain sustainability, you’re talking about the impact companies can make on promoting things like human rights, fair labor practices, environmental progress, and anti-corruption. I feel like what we do truly makes a difference in the world, and it’s something I’m very proud to be a part of.

Q: How do the tools and resources available to you help you do your job? 

A: Assent is never short of new technology tools for us to leverage in our day-to-day job. The AE tech stack helps me focus on things that matter in my role such as quality customer outreach and organizing customer information, and we even have software for video call coaching that has helped me progress as a salesperson. 

We’re also lucky to be able to leverage a large team of subject matter experts. These are regulatory experts with decades of compliance and sustainability experience who come from companies such as Intel, Kohler, Rolls Royce, and Whirlpool. They are resources we can leverage to ensure our customers have a good understanding of the regulatory landscape and what Assent brings to the table in how we can help their supply chains become more sustainable and transparent.

Q: Do you feel Assent is a place you can bring your whole self to work?  

A: Yes, I do. Assent has fostered a culture that embraces people from all walks of life with different and vibrant personalities. I truly feel I can be myself here.

Q: How has Assent’s remote environment enabled you to create a unique work experience? 

A: Assent’s remote work environment has impacted my work life positively because it’s no longer a typical nine-to-five in an office. I get to do things like go to the gym early in the morning since I no longer have to spend an hour commuting. I can dedicate more time to my family as well. That flexibility has been amazing and allows me to manage my life priorities much more easily.

Q: What makes Assent a smart choice in the midst of the current war for talent? 

A: Not only is the salary competitive, and the benefits and perks awesome, but the amount of support you receive from everyone at the company is a difference maker. People are always willing to lend a helping hand, and it has influenced a positive and team-oriented culture that is infectious. The product is also the best in its class and as a seller, I want to be providing a leading solution. I’m proud our product is a trailblazer in supply chain sustainability management.

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