Our annual State of Compliance survey is now live! The survey collects data to identify emerging trends and determine how the regulatory compliance landscape is shifting.

The resulting report will help companies understand today’s compliance environment, and equip them with industry- and revenue-specific insights they can use to make informed decisions and develop effective compliance programs.

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This is where you come in. We can’t compile industry data without help from the industry’s top professionals. By answering the survey, you’ll help us gather the data we need to establish industry benchmarks for gauging success, and best practices you can use to enhance your own program.

Take this year’s survey to share your expertise and insights.

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A Snapshot of the 2020 State of Compliance Report

Interested in the kinds of insights you’ll help generate by answering the survey? Here are some key findings from last year’s report:

  • Technology is replacing manual processes, but compliance has less uptake than other areas of the business.
  • Time spent on compliance activities increased, and that pattern will likely continue.
  • Enterprise-level companies leverage third-party technology more than mid-sized companies.
  • Compliance activities typically involve five or more teams within organizations, indicating continued decentralization.

Compliance in 2021 & Beyond

Let’s continue building on previous State of Compliance insights, so you can maximize the efficiency and efficacy of your program! It will only take about 10 minutes to fill out the survey, and you’ll receive a copy of the final report once it’s complete. Take the survey now.

Ashley Woods
Senior Manager Content Writing

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