The Social & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) has selected Assent Compliance as an accredited host for the upcoming light rollout of the initiative’s assessment framework. The solution will allow brands and manufacturers to document, verify and share audit data through one streamlined standard, significantly reducing audit fatigue and decent work deficits.

Assent has lent its supply chain risk management expertise to the SLCP as a signatory since February 2017. We’ve helped nurture the project’s growth into a single, common assessment framework by providing regulatory and technical guidance to the project’s working groups, including Adoption & Operation, Verification, Communication & Public Relations, Stakeholder Engagement, Gateway Implementation and the Accredited Host Technical team. Now, we are proud to share the initiative’s victory as it nears a light release this fall.

The converged assessment framework needed to accommodate a wide range of companies, all at different stages in their corporate social responsibility initiatives, and with varying needs and priorities. This created challenges. And yet, as we draw nearer to seeing the results of our collaboration, the framework is poised to have a broad influence on auditing practices in the apparel and footwear industries — and other spaces where stakeholders are quickly recognizing its potential.

Shared Principles. Fully-Integrated Solutions.

From a strategic standpoint, Assent’s solutions were built on the same fundamental goal as the SLCP: to reduce the engagement burden on suppliers. We do this by leveraging industry standards, facilitating data exchange and providing cost-free access to supplier training and response tools.

Assent is the only accredited host with the ability to launch the framework through the Assent Audit & Inspection Manager. It enables companies to create and maintain one traceable, exportable audit history. With the platform’s offline functionality, on-the-ground personnel can audit anywhere on the globe using a web browser, iOS or Android. Data is stored and managed in a secure, accessible cloud environment either in real time, or it syncs when you regain internet access.

Early participation in SLCP pilot programs has allowed us to calibrate our solution to provide seamless integration with the framework. We’ll facilitate implementation by providing reliable access to the standard, industry-leading data services and remediation plans designed by Assent’s Regulatory experts — right away.

Assent’s collaboration with the SLCP is an example of what industry professionals can achieve when they work to address common challenges. We’re proud to host and support the converged assessment framework as it becomes a widely-accepted data exchange format in a growing list of industries.

For more information about how Assent can help you improve operational and cost efficiencies in your risk management program, contact us today.

Sarah Carpenter
Director, Corporate Responsibility

Sarah specializes in promoting business respect for human rights globally. Following the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, she took on a leadership role as an advocate and influencer for human  Read More

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