As regulations evolve, customs agencies are supporting compliance across the European Union (EU) with increasingly complex customs requirements. Beginning in 2021, companies will have to provide proof of compliance with all relevant regulations and a host of new regulatory filings when entering the European Economic Area (EEA). As a result, companies are transitioning toward supply chain data management platforms to streamline their compliance programs as well as assist in data collection and submission to overseeing bodies.

The infographic below highlights the requirements companies will face when accessing the EEA in 2021, and how Assent supports EEA market access.


Assent’s supply chain data management solution enables companies to collect, validate, and manage data necessary to maintain EEA access. To learn more about the Assent Compliance Platform or our regulatory expertise, contact us today.

Travis Miller
General Counsel

Travis is an international trade and compliance attorney who specializes in ITAR/EAR/sanctions, global anti-corruption and anti-slavery, codes of conduct, environmental health and safety, product stewardship,  Read More

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