Assent is proud to announce that our Ottawa HQ has been formally certified for processes that meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Quality assurance is at the heart of any manufacturing process, and since Assent serves over 600 durable goods manufacturers, we are fully committed to establishing quality processes that deliver consistent product excellence.

This certification was granted after TÜV SÜD conducted a comprehensive audit in which Assent demonstrated objective evidence of process flow and established procedures to enhance quality within its product organization. This translates to consistent, reliable performance for our customers that is based on continual metrics-based improvements.

The benefit to customers doesn’t stop there. Many companies require independent audits to learn more about the quality of their suppliers. Assent’s certification means they can forgo these expensive and time-consuming audits and be confident that Assent meets internationally-recognized standards of quality. The certification attests to Assent’s strong focus on customer satisfaction all the way through to Assent’s Leadership team.

Why Consistency Matters

Consistency is about trust, and when it comes to product compliance, companies need to trust their suppliers and data. Bad data is a risk to every company, whether the information is incorrect, missing, or incomplete. In demonstrating reliable processes, Assent proved to independent auditors that its solution returns consistent results even in variable environments and scenarios. This means companies get high-quality data they can confidently use to identify risks and meet regulatory requirements and customer requests.

Continual Improvement

Excellence is a moving target, and the ISO 9001 standard measures evidence-based continual improvement. In a manufacturing context, this means identifying unusual friction points, addressing them, keeping a close eye on key performance indicators, and feeding that data back into the product development and manufacturing process. The same applies to Assent’s solution. In this way, Assent’s solution never stops improving, even as regulations change and obstacles arise.

How Assent Serves Companies

Assent is the leading supply chain data management company, serving over 600 companies. Assent’s solution combines streamlined data collection and management with regulatory expertise and a dedicated customer service team to maximize program efficiency. To learn more, contact us today.

Sue Fortunato-Esbach
Manager, Sustainability

Sue is committed to helping companies fulfill their legal requirements by translating legal complexity into technical efficiency. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Sue brings extensive experience in the  Read More

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