The regulatory world is more complicated than ever, across both product compliance and ESG. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) is threatening U.S. market access, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are forcing companies to thoroughly inspect their supply chain, and that’s just the beginning.

In this complex and changing landscape, corporate compliance professionals need to be at the top of their game, but how do the best in the business continually succeed? Start with these five habits.

5. Dodge Punches

Sustainability is a challenge for even the most experienced compliance professional. Regulations are constantly changing, and supply chains present unique challenges for those in complex manufacturing. The pros don’t just react when things change; they’re proactive. They equip themselves with the latest knowledge so they can switch gears quickly and align business priorities with emerging regulations.

The professionals at the top know communication of these pivots is also key. They have a knack for checking in consistently with team members across the organization, breaking down complex situations, and solving puzzles.

Those who forget are doomed to repeat history, right? These professionals apply what they’ve learned to avoid repeating mistakes. They use that knowledge to improve future responses while also analyzing what worked and what didn’t. With this knowledge, they can make better-informed decisions moving forward. To them, learning is not a static goal but a cyclical process. They embrace change and prioritize education.

4. They Build Good Vibes

You’ve heard the saying no man is an island, right? Well, it’s the truth. No matter how communicative, proactive, or generally awesome the person, they can’t get stuff done without collaboration. No one knows everything, especially because regulatory topics are quickly developing, and you need close collaboration with topical experts. Collaboration is key! 

Corporate compliance pros don’t view collaboration as a task to be completed. They see it as an integral part of their job. By fostering a collaborative environment that encourages open dialogue, these professionals are able to quickly deliver quality work. 

Additionally, this approach creates closer professional relationships. No more awkward water cooler chats, no silent lunches. These professionals are engaged, friendly, and approachable. Their ability to listen and learn is part of the reason they’re the best at what they do.

Moreover, they actively seek out networking opportunities, virtual and in-person. They want to meet like-minded peers they can talk to about pressing problems, and they want to work together with them to find solutions.

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3. Ethics Isn’t Just a Six-Letter Word

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Some may find the wrong way enticing, as it often involves shortcuts. However, top corporate compliance professionals understand that there’s no use in doing something unless they’re doing it correctly.

These professionals take ethics seriously, identifying ways they can continue to pursue sustainability goals while maintaining responsible leadership practices. After all, they need to walk the talk and lead by example.

They understand the long-term value of sustainability in corporate practices and in advancing maturity levels. (And when it comes to a sustainability journey, everyone has to start somewhere. Find out what your supply chain sustainability maturity level is by taking our assessment). 

Even in the short term, the benefits of this approach are evident. You won’t have to worry about reputational fires or concerning practices when you work with this type of professional. In the long term, these ethical practices result in flourishing business opportunities, a proactive approach to difficult problems, and a team of indispensable talent that is excited and capable of taking things to the next level.

2. Catch the Small Stuff

In any job, attention to detail is important. But when it comes to the complex world of compliance, it’s even more crucial to spot everything from tiny typos to major slip-ups. A single word can make a huge difference — compliance professionals need to be spot on.

Take REACH, for example. A tiny tweak to the regulation could mean thousands of companies have to change their strategies just to maintain market access.

That’s why compliance professionals need to have a keen eye for detail. They’re responsible for making sure everything’s in order, from the most obscure regulatory requirement to the largest corporate policy. It’s a tough gig, and an essential one — without their diligence, companies could face serious consequences.

That’s where visibility comes in. Top corporate compliance professionals know they need the right technology to enable deep supply chain visibility. Assent’s supply chain sustainability platform allows them to go deeper into their supply chains to effectively mitigate risks.

1. They Are in the Know

Nothing is set in stone in the regulatory world. Not only are existing regulations always evolving, but new regulations are introduced every year, resulting in significant business risks. As mentioned before, non-compliance penalties can range from lost market access to fines and even lawsuits. 

As the go-to people in their field, compliance professionals need to be up to date on the latest rules, trends, and best practices so they can give better advice and have a real impact on their company’s success.

They know to turn to trusted sources of information (such as Assent’s Regulatory team) and network within their industry. By participating in conferences and joining training sessions, they can swap ideas, learn from others, and stay on top of creative solutions to compliance hurdles. This doesn’t just help them stay sharp; it also grows their professional connections, which can be super helpful for career growth and staying plugged into the wider compliance scene.

Bonus: They Attend Assent Evolve 2023

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