Assent’s sustainability report for the 2022 period is now publicly available on our website. This report is part of our commitment to transparency, accountability, and helping the manufacturing industry understand the importance of sustainability in business growth. As a leader in the supply chain sustainability space, it’s important we practice what we preach.

We are on a journey to continuously improve sustainability in our operations. We aim to educate the market on what it means to be sustainable. Deep sustainability means having a proactive approach to risk management, made possible by incredible visibility into your supply chain and operations, as well as going far beyond bare-minimum legal and contractual requirements for product compliance and safety.

Deep sustainability is something to strive for, but even when you reach it, there’s always room to improve. Sustainability is constantly evolving, and your approach needs to evolve too.  

Sustainability Report Milestones

While the sustainability journey has no end point, we hit several milestones in 2022:

  • Achieved Certified B Corporation™ status. We became the first North American software company to hold both B-Corp certification and advanced status with the United Nations Global Compact. To reach B-Corp, we underwent extensive third-party auditing to ensure we have embedded sustainability into our governance and strategy. 
  • Expanded our environmental reporting to start including scope three emissions (supply chain activities) as well as scope one and two. Scope three emissions reporting is becoming increasingly important, as regulatory and investor pressure for greenhouse gas data ramps up. According to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, for most manufacturing businesses, up to 90% of their environmental footprint is outside their own operations, in the supply chain. 
  • Established a new executive sustainability committee and hired a Corporate Sustainability Program Manager to execute on our ongoing ESG commitments. 
  • Completed a materiality assessment and determined the eight topics where Assent can make the biggest sustainability impact. This materiality assessment required extensive stakeholder engagement and will inform our sustainability strategy from 2023 onwards. 

Sharing Our Story

This sustainability report charts our steps toward deeper sustainability. Read it to learn more about how you can make progress on your own journey, and how Assent can help you mature your supply chain sustainability program.

Access the report

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Director, Corporate Responsibility

Sarah specializes in promoting business respect for human rights globally. Following the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, she took on a leadership role as an advocate and influencer for human  Read More

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