In the ever-evolving world of product compliance, digital tools are becoming a must for complex manufacturers. The key is to find the right solution. A recent Verdantix report, Smart Innovators: Product and Chemical Compliance Solutions, compares vendors across core functionalities and analyzes primary areas of innovation, and has recognized Assent’s “market-leading functionality with differentiated capabilities” in four categories: REACH, SCIP, PFAS, and product data aggregation.

However, the report also offers thought leadership with regard to the current product landscape, providing insights into key challenges that businesses face as well as how they can best meet them. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the issues identified in the report, particularly per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and why the report recognized Assent’s market-leading, differentiated capabilities.

Understanding PFAS & the Shifting Regulatory Landscape

Product compliance regulations are evolving more quickly than many companies can manage. “The world of product and chemical compliance is undergoing a period of unprecedented regulatory change,” said Verdantix in its report, published in November 2023. “As new regulations continue to be released and existing regulations amended, firms require digital tools to gain clarity over their regulatory obligations and to manage risk to their business.” 

PFAS has been a primary driver behind this evolution in the past few years, with the recent U.S. EPA announcement ensuring they are top of mind for manufacturers. PFAS are a family of durable, synthetic fluorocarbons that resist degradation, earning them the nickname “forever chemicals.” Studies have shown potential adverse health effects from PFAS exposure, raising serious concerns.

As a result, regulatory scrutiny around PFAS is intensifying, imposing stringent requirements for the manufacturing, use, and disposal of these chemicals. Meeting these evolving PFAS regulations requires a proactive approach and a deep understanding of the complexities involved.

In the report, Verdantix said, “Regulation governing the use of restricted chemicals, particularly per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), is rapidly expanding. To manage the complexities of supplier data demands, stay up to date with regulatory change, and maintain market access, firms are increasingly leveraging commercial product and chemical compliance software.”

While PFAS is top of mind for manufacturers, it is also essential that complex manufacturers see the bigger picture. “The lines between product compliance, circularity and ESG are becoming increasingly blurred, with some vendors viewing product compliance as a sub-segment of the broader sustainability agenda,” said Verdantix.

In 2023, the perception of product compliance has changed dramatically. It is no longer seen as just a legal obligation — product compliance is now recognized as a critical component in enhancing a product’s appeal to sustainability-conscious consumers and maintaining and expanding market access.

Learn more about available product compliance solutions and see why Assent stands out from the crowd. Download the Verdantix report for an in-depth look at available solutions and Assent’s leading approach to PFAS, REACH, SCIP, and more.

Assent: A Market Leader in PFAS Compliance Solutions

The complexities of PFAS management continue to place considerable demands on manufacturers,. So, it’s crucial that companies evaluate whether solutions deliver beyond core functionality to include capabilities like supplier engagement and regulatory intelligence. Can the vendor manage your emerging PFAS risks with rapid innovation?

Here, Assent’s solution emerges as a market differentiator, tailored to meet these needs. Back in July, Verdantix recognized Assent as a pioneering solution for PFAS management. Since then, Assent has been proactive in educating and collaborating with supply chains on the implications and risks of PFAS. With over half a million PFAS declarations gathered for parts and more than 40,000 information requests sent to suppliers, Assent’s approach combines innovative technology with expert industry knowledge and managed services. This ensures compliance while bolstering operational efficiency and sustainable practices.

Your Trusted Partner in Achieving Deep Supply Chain Sustainability

This recent recognition from Verdantix underscores the value of Assent’s integrated approach to managing product compliance and sustainability within supply chains. Our platform facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the global supply chain, helping businesses like yours make informed decisions that support compliance and sustainability goals.

Assent stands as a market leader in the world of product compliance, including complex challenges related to expanding PFAS regulations. But our commitment goes beyond compliance. We are dedicated to fostering deep supply chain sustainability, understanding that effective compliance is an integral part of a broader, more comprehensive sustainability strategy.

To gain a deeper understanding of the solutions available in the market and why Assent has been recognized as a leader in product compliance, download the full Verdantix report. This resource offers valuable insights into the current state of product compliance and sustainability, and the role Assent plays in helping businesses navigate this dynamic landscape.

Cally Edgren
Senior Director, Sustainability

Cally is a proven compliance program leader with experience developing, communicating, and executing company goals and strategies. She is a subject matter expert on product  Read More

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