Assent is excited to announce that we’ve reached a major milestone — we now have 1,000 team members! This is a monumental achievement for our company. In 2010, the company launched with just a handful of team members, and since 2016, our staff has rapidly expanded. We’re proud to celebrate how far we’ve come, while looking forward to where we’re heading. 

An Impressive Accomplishment in an Amazing Year

The milestone of becoming 1,000-strong is the latest of several Assent achievements in 2022. 

In January, Assent received $350 million USD in funding to expand its global footprint in supply chain sustainability management. The funding elevated Assent to unicorn status, meaning it is valued at well over $1 billion USD. 

Two months later, Assent launched its new brand, which included a new name, new logo, and new mission statement. The rebrand highlighted Assent’s expertise and leadership in supply chain sustainability for complex manufacturers. 

At the end of June, Assent achieved Certified B Corporation™ status. The company joined an elite group of global sustainability leaders that have received certification from the non-profit B Lab.™ This certification demonstrates the fulfillment of stringent requirements for social and environmental performance and responsibility.

Growth During Disruption 

“Assent is on an incredibly rare rapid rise as we demonstrate impressive resilience in the face of a disrupted SaaS industry,” remarked Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent. “This important milestone enables us to further drive our mission to deliver the most comprehensive supply chain sustainability solution to manufacturers. In a world where ESG is more important than ever, we will continue to scale and contribute solutions to manufacturers, helping bring responsibly built products to the world.”

Keira Torkko, Chief People Officer at Assent, added, “Our agile approach has enabled our company to evolve with the market so that we are creating solutions with a purpose, expanding career opportunities within a culture that is flexible and connected. As our team continues to grow, we will always be curious, lead with expertise and innovation, and assist companies in becoming more deeply sustainable.”

The newest additions to Assent that got us over the 1,000 team member milestone include individuals with extensive manufacturing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) experience, and they expand our already significant language capabilities. Working at Assent allowed these individuals to tie their jobs to a higher purpose.

One new team member had even returned to Assent after realizing we offered a better fit than other opportunities, demonstrating our commitment to continually bringing in high-caliber talent with passion and dedication to sustainability. 

These new Assentees were made aware of Assent through our broad and growing networks, Keira noted.

Looking Back: An Employee’s Perspective

Krystal Cameron, Vice President of Product Management at Assent, was one of the company’s first six employees. She remembers the early days of the company, working in co-founder Rob Imbeault’s basement. 

The growth has “taken my breath away,” Krystal commented. It has been a pleasure for her to work with “such invested, smart, committed, capable people.” 

“That we have grown so much and maintained the fabric of what makes Assent what it is while also evolving and maturing is enormous,” she continued. “We have a company that cares so deeply about making a difference, making every day better for their co-workers, their customers, and the world … It is a tremendous achievement.”

Looking to the Future 

As Assent celebrates this milestone, we look at a future in which there are still sustainability puzzles to be solved. Even though some of these puzzles are significant, our optimism will keep us going. We believe that deep sustainability is possible, and even inevitable, when we all work as one. 

Want to join Assent’s team? Check out our careers page for new opportunities!

Keira Torkko
Chief of Staff & Chief People Officer

Keira’s commitment to promoting a dynamic team spirit and culture of high performance helps ensure Assent Compliance attracts and retains champions.

She has led teams in a variety of sectors  Read More

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