Are you ready to dive into your supply chain to build deep sustainability? You will be after attending Assent Evolve.

This June, Assent is kicking off Assent Evolve, the only virtual conference purpose-built for complex manufacturers looking to level up their product compliance and supply chain programs to build industry-leading supply chain sustainability management solutions. We know these manufacturers have a complex road to travel in realizing the sustainability that regulators, investors, and customers are demanding, but we’ve assembled an incredible roster of experts to help you learn how to overcome these challenges.

Sustainability is a global issue, and Assent Evolve is meeting that need with a June 2 event for manufacturers doing business in Europe and a June 8 event for companies in the North American market. Each event is packed with expert-run workshops, presentations, and panel discussions that will help compliance and supply chain professionals see deeper into supply chains, prepare for regulatory changes ahead, and build a foundation to deep supply chain sustainability.

What Is Supply Chain Sustainability? 

This conference is about going deeper than shallow, greenwashed metrics or reactive product compliance programs. It’s about adapting supply chains for full transparency, resilience, and responsibility. By helping complex manufacturers dive into their supply chains, Assent Evolve allows them to identify and remove harmful substances, implement robust safety and ethical practices throughout their supply chains, and respond quickly to disruption and regulatory changes.

Attendees can enjoy a full day of deep expertise and hands-on guidance from sessions such as:

  • Product Compliance, Sustainability, and ESG: How it’s all Connected
  • Product Compliance Predictions: Expert Forecasts of REACH, RoHS, TSCA, and More
  • Grow Better: Attracting Investors With ESG
  • Building, Retaining and Growing your Compliance and Sustainability Team

Assent Evolve features a fully customizable agenda so whether you’re on the frontlines of a compliance program or building a global sustainability team, you can attend the sessions that matter most to you live. Registrants receive on-demand access for a full year, so you won’t miss a thing. 

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