Ten years ago, supply chain sustainability wasn’t on the radar of most manufacturers. A lot has changed since then. On June 2, hundreds of product compliance, ESG, and supply chain professionals from some of the largest manufacturers in the world came together at Assent Evolve to dive deep into supply chain sustainability. Together, with guidance from leading experts on everything from product compliance to ESG, they learned, shared, and developed new skills that will be crucial in the years ahead. Here are some highlights from the incredible event!

Building for the Future

We heard Pia Heidenmark Cook, former Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA, discuss how to effectively build an organization for the future. She spoke about the crucial role manufacturers play in eliminating environmentally harmful operations, and how to use technology to bring about more sustainable change in complex value chains.

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Connecting Product Compliance, ESG & Supply Chain Sustainability

Federica Rizzo, a senior regulatory lawyer with the EU, broke down how product compliance and ESG are connected to sustainability. She’s a senior policy director at the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment and showed how manufacturers can meet their business requirements while developing more sustainable practices.

Future of Regulations

Of course everyone wanted to know what the future holds for product compliance regulations, and Stacey Bowers didn’t disappoint. She leads the Global Market Access team at Compliance & Risks and gave attendees a glimpse into the evolving compliance landscape. Proactive companies can use her predictions to build a great foundation for their supply chain sustainability management program.

Building an ESG Program

Sustainability and ESG were hot topics at Assent Evolve, and manufacturers at all stages of their ESG journey benefited from the session on building a program. Johanna Terry, CEO and co-founder of NovaLoop, detailed what was most material for manufacturers in the ESG context and how they can start building an effective ESG program.

Join Us at the Next Assent Event

We look forward to our next Assent Evolve event, but in the meantime, take a look at the exciting upcoming events that we will be hosting or participating in. If you have any questions about this, or anything else related to supply chain sustainability management, please reach out to us at info@assent.com.

Tristan Worden
Content Writer

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