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Reimagining Product Compliance & PFAS Strategy: From Cost Center to Profit Engine

In this webinar, you’ll hear advice on how to think strategically about compliance from experts with firsthand experience in transforming their own programs. You’ll learn how to quantify the business value of your role and com ...


Full-Bodied Sustainability: Mitigating Manufacturing PFAS Risks

Join Assent for a virtual wine tasting event that pairs perfectly with expert insights on PFAS in your supply chain. Learn how to protect your business from PFAS risks like parts obsolescence and legal liability while you enjoy tw ...


CBAM in 2024: Strategies for Compliance With the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Join us for this webinar, where we'll dive into effective strategies for weaving carbon costs into your business operations, helping you avoid hefty fines, reputational damage, and potential trade barriers. We’ll also explore ho ...

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What Is Canada’s Fighting Against Forced Labour & Child Labour in Supply Chains Act?

Canada’s Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act requires companies to assess and disclose any risks of forced and child labor in their supply chains. It also bans the importation of goods produced w ...

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Overcoming PFAS Challenges in Manufacturing: Ensuring Compliance & Advancing Sustainability

Discover how Assent’s PFAS solution simplifies compliance, enhances transparency, and helps you stay ahead of regulatory shifts. We’ll delve into the latest scientific research, discuss the implications of PFAS obsolescence, a ...

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Aligning Product Compliance & Liability: A Conversation With True Manufacturing’s General Counsel

Don't miss this webinar featuring Kristen James, General Counsel at True Manufacturing and the driving force behind the creation of the company’s compliance program. Learn how she won executive buy-in for her vision, why breakin ...

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Get to Grips with EU RoHS Updates: What You Need to Know

Circle May 16, 2024, on your calendar for a webinar that promises to shed some light on these changes. It’s your chance to get the lowdown on everything from technical assessment shifts to the ins and outs of exemption updates, ...

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Unlocking the Potential of Responsible Mineral Supply Chains: Key Insights From the OECD Forum

Did you miss the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains? Join us for a unique recap webinar where our expert delves into key discussions and insights from the event, providing you with an exclusive look at the policy chan ...

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Mid-Year Check-In: Is Your Supply Chain Sustainability Program on Track?

We’re already halfway through 2024 and the regulatory changes keep coming. From new forced labor regulations, to increasing PFAS risks, to renewed scrutiny of corporate emissions, there are countless product compliance and ESG r ...


Proactively Manage Sanctions on Steel

Protect your global market access by verifying the origin of your steel with Assent, avoiding fines and costly delays at customs.