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Evolve 2023 All In, Right Now

The premier conference continues to educate and engage, now in person in three American cities. Assent continues to help complex manufacturers achieve deep sustainability across supply chains — from product compliance to ESG.

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Evolve 2023

Disruption is the new normal for complex manufacturers and their supply chains, and the stakes are impossibly high. Sustainability isn’t an option — it’s an expectation. Now is not the time to fall behind. Sign up for updates and stay tuned for details on upcoming programs for Evolve 2024. 

Regulatory requirements are changing, and risks threaten your market access, reputation, and bottom line. Meeting these challenges requires proactive action, deep understanding, and visibility into every part of your supply chain. This year’s Evolve ’23 program was designed with your challenges in mind.

Over two short days, professionals in your industry from across the world took part in targeted learning sessions, keynotes, panel discussions, and more, giving you the exclusive, actionable knowledge you need to proactively address regulatory challenges.

Including Evolve ‘23 as part of your journey to sustainability and business resilience is the key to not just surviving this disruption, but thriving.

Keynote Speakers

Erin Brockovich
Iconic Environmental Activist & Consumer Advocate
Chris Gardner
Author, Businessman & Motivational Speaker
Robert Bilott
Environmental Lawyer & Subject of “Dark Waters”
Dr. André Kuipers
Astronaut & Ambassador of the Earth


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Evolve to See Deeper & Grow Better

The Only Event of Its Kind

Assent Evolve is the only event designed specifically to guide complex manufacturers toward a more sustainable future. Insights from leading experts to help you:

  • Tackle the changing regulatory landscape and prepare for new challenges
  • Prevent outside forces from disrupting your supply chain
  • Start your journey toward resilience
  • Shift your strategy from reactive to proactive

Learn, Grow, Connect

Learn from leading sustainability experts, be inspired through the stories of customer heroes and grow your knowledge to create your own compliance plan.

Supreme Accessibility

With easy access to sessions, Assent Evolve will give you actionable insights you can bring back to your team.

Growth Solutions

Hear how inspiring customer heroes overcome supply chain challenges, delivering value to their customers and strengthening their business in the process.


Erin Brockovich
Iconic Environmental Activist & Consumer Advocate
Andrew Waitman
Chief Executive Officer
Kim Knickle
Research Director, ESG & Sustainability at Verdantix
Bill Pennington
VP Research, EHS and Risk at Verdantix
Sruthi Vinod
Senior Carbon Analyst at Brookfield Asset Management
Alissa Weathers
Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Manager at Xerox
Eric Peterson
Quality Director, CONMED Corporation
Jonathan Harris
ESG Manager at Corsair
David Sturmes-Verbeek
Senior Director of Programme & Operations, Impact Facility

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what attendees have said about past Assent events:

“Coming to the Assent conferences every year gives me an opportunity to see what’s coming on the horizon with respect to regulations, as well as find ways, through networking, to improve and mature my program. I learn a lot of new best practices that I can implement into my supply chain data collection efforts.”
Rita Kuhlman
Senior Material Compliance Analyst Allegion PLC
“Having a diverse group of people from various industries allows for more colorful conversations and forces us to think outside the box. I enjoyed the collaboration immensely.”
Kelly Johnson
Norton Rose Fulbright
“We were impressed by every last detail and walked away from the event motivated to continue our partnership with Assent. We look forward to continued collaboration.”
Laura Enny
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