In 2020, the European Commission adopted the new Circular Economy Action Plan, setting into motion a large list of initiatives, including the Sustainable Products Initiative. To provide stronger recycling and reuse information to support the circular economy, the EU is introducing digital product passports. 

Manufacturers will soon need to start collecting far more information from their supply chain about the materials in their products to create digital product passports. But knowing what new data will be required and understanding the timelines can be a challenge.

In this webinar, two Assent experts will walk you through the Sustainable Products Initiative and the key role of digital product passports.

You will learn:

  • More about the Circular Economy Action Plan and Sustainable Products Initiative
  • The types of supply chain data you’ll need to collect for digital product passports
  • Timelines going forward and what actions you can take right now
  • How product passports will help you understand the environmental impact of materials in your products

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Assent experts about this important legislation and its impact on your organization. 


  • Steven Andrews, Subject Matter Expert Environmental Stewardship and Policy in Regulatory & Compliance Program at Assent
  • Sue Fortunato-Esbach, Senior Subject Matter Expert, Product Compliance at Assent