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The First ESG Supply Chain Solution Made for Complex Manufacturers

A shallow approach to ESG is no longer enough. For true supply chain sustainability you have to go all the way down to your suppliers’ suppliers.

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Complex Manufacturers Face The Toughest ESG Challenges

Complex manufacturers have extended global supply chains with little transparency beyond the direct supplier level. ESG is so broad it can seem overwhelming, and it impacts:

  • Investor and customer confidence
  • Market access
  • Reputation among customers and employees
  • Revenue

“An ESG rating tells you about a company’s comparative, values and behaviours both in the company and in the supply chain. The world has changed – people are caring about the environment more, sustainability more, climate change, human rights and equity. These are really big topics for most of the world. ESG is the term we are using to share that information and compare companies on those topics.”

– Andrew Waitman, CEO at Assent

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Supply Chain ESG Protects Against Revenue Risks

Increasing investor, customer, and stakeholder ESG demands mean ​a single piece of bad data can put your revenue and reputation at risk. Worse, one part can put multiple product lines at risk.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements
Customer Story

Why Corsair Gaming Inc. Chose Assent

Companies like Corsair Gaming Inc. rely on Assent to help them build a defensible ESG program. They achieved impressive results, including an 85% supplier response rate across six ESG topics.

Watch the video to see why Corsair chose Assent, and read the case study to learn about their results.

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ESG Solutions Designed For Complex Manufacturers

The Depth You Need

Materiality: Focus on metrics your investors and customers care about.

Smarter Supplier Outreach: Supplier engagement in more than 10 languages for cleaner, more accurate data.

Ongoing Support: Supplier training, data collection, and more support to constantly evolve your program over time.

Expert Resources: Managed services, expert advice, and thought leadership so you can be proactive to changing requirements.

Data You Can Trust

Outside-In: Indirect supplier monitoring provides rapid validation beyond supplier disclosures.

Focus: Many of your suppliers are already part of the Assent Sustainability Network so data is readily available.

Dashboards: See risk statuses in alignment with Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board frameworks.

Cross-Enterprise View for Deeper Insights

Built on the Assent Sustainability Network, the world’s largest database of supply chain sustainability data, Assent’s ESG reporting software scales across global business units for a cross-enterprise view of sustainability.

ESG Future-Ready Solution

Backed by experts and completely configurable, Assent’s ESG reporting software adapts to changing needs and requirements.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

See deeper, be smarter, and grow better with Assent. Assent is the only North American software company to hold B Corporation™ certification and advanced status with the UN Global Compact. Built specifically for complex manufacturers, Assent’s solution takes a 360-degree approach to ESG with indirect supplier monitoring, deep expertise, and a comprehensive solution built on industry standards.

Discover Our Approach

Get ESG Data Right

The Assent platform keeps ESG, product compliance, and trade compliance data in a single location, enabling you to look deeper into your supply chain and make sense of your data.

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See Deeper, Be Smarter, Grow Better

See why our supply chain sustainability platform is the number one choice for the world’s most sustainable complex manufacturers looking to manage ESG.