Why Assent

Assent is on a mission to help manufacturers build deeply and durably good products. We deliver real-world innovations to pioneer sustainable growth.

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Supply Chains Were Not Built With Sustainability in Mind

Complex manufacturers face unique product compliance and ESG challenges. Data is a mess. Suppliers can’t keep up. What was sustainable yesterday could be illegal today. A single piece of bad data can put revenue at risk. Assent is the only supply chain sustainability management platform focused on the unique demands facing complex manufacturers.

What Makes Assent Better

Assent leads in supply chain sustainability management and compliance, influencing regulatory standards and shaping best practices. Discover how Assent’s total solution provides foresight into industry changes, granting customers a competitive edge. You’ll see why we’re the top supply chain sustainability management platform.

Assent in Action: Platform & Capabilities

Learn more about the Assent platform and the wide range of capabilities available to your organization.

The Journey of Continuous Innovation

Developing and delivering industry-leading solutions is in our DNA. For over a decade, Assent has paved a better way to collect, manage, and share supply chain sustainability data. We help companies build a better world and a stronger bottom line by identifying market gaps and providing innovative solutions.

Assent Compliance is founded.
Assent’s regulatory experts helped pioneer and launch IPC-1754, one of the most comprehensive data exchange standards released to date.
Assent launches a solution to help companies meet their EU Waste Framework Directive requirements for safe product disposal and recycling.
Assent introduces the first PFAS solution to help manufacturers mitigate exposure and risks across supply chains.
Assent rolls out advancements to its ESG solution, supporting new topics, the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and non-financial reporting requirements.
Assent partners with the Social Responsibility Alliance to combat human trafficking and slavery in supply chains.
Assent releases advanced features to give companies greater transparency into their conflict minerals and cobalt supply chains.
Assent launches a new brand and announces an ESG solution for complex manufacturing supply chains.
Assent enhances its PFAS offering to enable broader PFAS identification and product compliance.
Assent continues its drive for innovation and excellence in the supply chain data management space. Where will we go next?

What’s New

Discover our latest innovations revolutionizing supply chain sustainability management and streamlining your responsibilities.

RECENTSolution Launches

Identify PFAS in your supply chain, meet reporting requirements, maintain market access, and set yourself up for proactive success.

Assent offers the first complete ESG solution with enough supply chain depth and expertise, giving complex manufacturers all the actionable insights and ESG reporting in one place.

Protect your global market access by verifying the origin of your steel with Assent, avoiding fines and costly delays at customs.

Hear From Our Customers

“Assent supports our programs in the professional manner we want them to be supported. In a relatively short time, we were able to establish contact with every critical and strategic supplier, and retrieve the data we needed to achieve our compliance goals. Assent has been great for us.”
William Olson
Corporate Responsibility & Conflict Minerals Leader, ASM International
“Collaborating with Assent has been of great value for us. Their continued dedication to customer education and relevant online content keeps us informed about the latest news affecting the sector, and now, in most cases, I know about my customers’ upcoming compliance needs before they do.”
Benjamin Khor
Corporate Regulatory Compliance Manager, ESCATEC Sdn. Bhd.
“We estimated that with staffing, data management costs, training, benefits, resources, tools, validation supplier follow-ups and regulatory updates … we would go over budget quickly. We needed Assent.”
Maria Simpson
Purchasing Manager, Kaba Ilco Corp.
“We are proud to partner with Assent, who we consider the leader in this space.”
Ibrahim Albadri
Supply Chain Quality Technician, Arduino
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