Unmatched solution delivers corrective actions, regulatory expertise and supplier engagement to enable complex manufacturers to stay ahead of evolving ESG standards and regulations 

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, September 13, 2022 – Assent Inc. (Assent), a leader in supply chain sustainability management, announced today the release of its new cloud native ESG solution, Assent ESG, which includes enhanced global supply chain reporting capabilities across critical topics such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, child labor, human slavery and trafficking, and others. The SaaS-based platform is complemented by Assent’s unique service offering that provides complex manufacturers with access to regulatory experts to help them prepare for upcoming and expanded supply chain reporting requirements, identify material risks and maintain market access. Manufacturers, such as those in the industrial manufacturing, electronics, medical device, automotive as well as aerospace and defense industries, will now have a complete ESG workflow solution.

As complex manufacturers face increased market pressures from investors, regulators, and customers, accurate ESG supply chain reporting and management is an increasingly critical business imperative. Regulations, such as the proposed SEC climate-related disclosures rule, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and the EU Commission’s proposed ban of all products that were created through forced labor, will transform ESG reporting in the next 12 months. With up to 90% of complex manufacturers’ environmental impact in their supply chain, companies need to rethink their current approaches to manage supply chain ESG risks and position themselves for success in the future.

Aligned with industry standards including OECD, TCFD, GRI, and SASB, Assent’s solution enables complex manufactures to proactively prepare for new requirements through comprehensive guidance across their entire supply chain ESG workflow – from initial supplier engagement through to sustainability reporting.

Assent ESG includes configurable ESG supplier survey topics, interactive dashboards that provide visibility into supplier risk scores and the ability to drill down into specific ESG metrics, and plug-and-play sustainability report templates aligned to industry standards crafted by regulatory experts. To provide customers with greater confidence in the completeness and accuracy of their supplier data, evidence review and enhanced supplier screening is provided. Corrective actions capabilities where deficiencies, issues or nonconformance are identified allow customers to implement a continuous improvement plan with their suppliers. To help companies improve ESG scores, Assent provides defensible data and expertise to build responses for rating and ranking agency requests as well as regulatory compliance. Supply chain education and engagement is incorporated throughout the process to streamline data gathering and drive continuous improvements across supplier performance.

“Assent’s ESG solution is a major milestone for complex manufacturers to meet and exceed evolving ESG standards and regulations. Our solution is a guide to supply chain sustainability, empowering clients with the defensible data they need to credibly report on ESG, maintain market access and create a competitive advantage across the industry,” said Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent. “Companies that proactively prepare for forthcoming due diligence mandates stand to gain from supply chain insights and market advantages, and Assent is the only one in the market providing a complete ESG solution and expertise that goes deep in the supply chain.”

Early adopters of Assent ESG realized substantial improvements in the depth of supply chain ESG data they can capture and manage. Interactive features also lessen the burden on complex manufacturers, with early customers reporting greater efficiencies and reduced time spent managing supply chain compliance and reporting. Corsair Gaming Inc., a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance gear and technology for gamers and content creators, partnered with Assent on a pilot rollout. Corsair reported improved supplier engagement with its sustainability reporting process as a result of implementing Assent ESG.

Jonathan Harris, ESG manager at Corsair, described the benefit of using Assent ESG as the following: “Working with suppliers can be complex but Assent did the heavy lifting for us. Our partnership with them has rapidly improved the way we work with suppliers by having Assent experts anticipate our regulatory needs, enabling us to obtain and track more data, and help us build stronger ESG relationships. Our company has now accomplished 90% of our ESG campaigns with suppliers and this could not have been done without Assent’s expertise.”

Supply chain ESG is now a business imperative and due diligence has shifted from a good business practice to an industry expectation, creating the need for an end-to-end ESG workflow solution.

“Corporations today need to increase their commitment to ESG and sustainability as they are facing a rise in reputational pressure and an increased focus on a CEO’s vision and customer expectations. Software alone cannot help you achieve your ESG goals in the supply chain – it’s also about using a team of experts and providing end-to-end supplier engagement. Through software and services, manufacturers can gain visibility into their entire supply chain, decreasing risk and providing necessary disclosures,” said Kim Knickle, Research Director, ESG and Sustainability.

For more information about Assent’s new ESG solution or to request a demo, please visit: https://www.assent.com/solutions/esg-supply-chain/esg-reporting/

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Assent is the supply chain sustainability management solution dedicated to helping complex manufacturers bring responsible products to the world. Because supply chains were never built with sustainability in mind, Assent goes deep: past the suppliers of parts, down to the parts of parts and beyond, to map the entire complex manufacturing genome. Shaped by regulatory experts, customers, and suppliers, Assent is the foundation for cross-enterprise sustainability. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Assent employs more than 1,000 team members dedicated to customers across the globe. Assent reveals what’s hidden, validates what’s good, and helps eliminate unwanted surprises so the world’s forward-thinking complex manufacturing companies can become more sustainable businesses. Learn more about deep sustainability – from product compliance to ESG – at assent.com or join us at Assent Careers.

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