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An Evening at Musaafer Houston

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Proactively Managing PFAS, Compliance & Sustainability Risks

Join us for an exclusive in-person dining experience at Musaafer Houston, a celebrated restaurant known for its ambiance and exceptional Indian cuisine. This event offers an opportunity to network with Assent’s leading regulatory experts as well as industry peers, and to dive deep into strategies for managing compliance and sustainability risks hidden in your supply chain, including PFAS.

May 2 | Musaafer Houston | 5 PM CT


This event has ended, please visit events page to see upcoming events.

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Dine with us at Musaafer, nestled in Houston’s vibrant Galleria, for an in-person event designed for business leaders eager to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

This intimate dinner will focus on the critical aspects of proactive compliance practices that will safeguard your business against PFAS risks and more. Sustainability may not be at the top of your priority list, but supply chain compliance is non-negotiable. Neglecting these issues makes it difficult to compete in today’s market and could pose a legal liability for your business.

In short, compliance and sustainability are now recognized not as a nice-to-have but as necessary business insurance — it’s the cost of doing business in today’s market. And with the EPA’s mandatory PFAS reporting window opening on November 12, 2024, there’s no better time to explore what all of this means for your business.

Availability at the dinner is strictly limited. Secure your place among industry leaders today.

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Assent Experts:

Special Guest Speaker:

  • Donna Driver, Chief Risk and Compliance Manager at Bray International

Date & Time:

May 2 at 5 PM CT


5115 Westheimer Rd.
Suite C-3500
Houston, TX