Companies leading the charge in the responsible minerals space provide feedback to and collaborate closely with their suppliers regarding risk issues identified within the upstream. The expectations for these suppliers vary, but often include requirements to move away from or address the use of materials from perceived “risky” sources.

Today, many companies are finding that only sourcing from certified smelters and refiners is a much harder task than previously believed. This is due to the depth and complexity of supply chains and the lack of direct connection to those sourcing raw materials in the upstream.

In order to truly be effective in influencing sourcing practices, downstream companies need more consistent messaging up the supply chain. This can’t be a burden on only tier one suppliers.

This presentation aims to discuss individual company efforts to practice the due diligence framework within their supply chains and will share data about how companies are able to drive change in upstream sourcing. In sharing these experiences, the presentation team would like to propose a project to address deeper supply chain engagement through the development of outreach, tools, and supply chain mapping.


  • Jared Connors, ESG & Responsible Sourcing at Assent
  • Aurelia Hillestad, Sustainability Manager at Volvo