Ahead of the EPA’s imminent “forever chemicals” reporting requirements, a growing number of manufacturers have chosen Assent’s technology to mitigate upcoming PFAS risks

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, September 19, 2023Assent Inc. (Assent), a leading solution provider in supply chain sustainability management, is seeing rapid adoption of its recently announced per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) solution by manufacturers ahead of the EPA’s new PFAS reporting requirements, expected to be finalized this year. 

Recently published research by Verdantix created a spotlight on the need for product compliance solutions, specifically referencing Assent. The report advised that “Excel and paper-based solutions are inadequate for organizations that need to track PFAS compliance and communicate performance to internal and external stakeholders as their operational complexity scales.” – Verdantix, Strategic Focus: Innovative Solutions To Manage PFAS Compliance, July 2023.

Since Assent’s PFAS Solution formally launched in June, more than 50 manufacturers have chosen to work with Assent to collect and manage their supply chain PFAS data. Early adopters recognize the importance of proactive compliance to reduce supply chain risks and costs as PFAS liabilities and regulations continue accelerating across the U.S. and Europe. As a result, more than 35,000 requests for supplier data related to PFAS are being deployed by Assent by the end of 2023, many through electronics, medical device, and industrial equipment supply chains. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will release the finalized version of the proposed reporting and recordkeeping requirements for PFAS chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) by the end of 2023. These requirements will necessitate comprehensive supply chain reporting on PFAS, with manufacturers obligated to disclose their use of 1,400 PFAS chemicals dating back to 2011, creating the risk of hefty fines, legal troubles, potential loss of market access, and challenges related to product obsolescence. An increasing number of U.S. states are also developing their own reporting obligations. 

“The complex regulatory environment has made proactive PFAS compliance a critical business need for manufacturers to safeguard market share. Our innovative PFAS solution allows manufacturers to directly collaborate with suppliers to uncover, mitigate, and report on PFAS risks in their products,” said Andrew Waitman, Assent CEO. “We speak with large, complex manufacturers every day and see that many do not have a PFAS strategy in place, which creates significant vulnerabilities. Manufacturers that recognize the need to manage the environmental impacts of their supply chains and secure a partner who understands the urgency of the market will mitigate future expenses and risks as global PFAS regulations continue to evolve.” 

Assent’s PFAS solution, part of the Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform, enables manufacturers to collect PFAS data insights from supplier networks and take corrective action to reduce or eliminate regulated PFAS from within parts, products, or processes. Assent’s solution helps manufacturers ensure their products ship, depleting revenue risk. 

“A proactive approach is incredibly important when it comes to doing due diligence on PFAS in our supply chain. With the risks associated, we knew we didn’t want to just sit back and wait,” said Brian Joslin, Vice President, Operations, LightCorp. “We are thrilled to partner with Assent to expand our supply chain sustainability program to gather PFAS data.”

Early adopters of the solution, including The Fountainhead Group, LightCorp, Lofton Label & Packaging, Portage Electric Products, Inc. (Pepi®), Prestolite Electric and Vantiva, have already started gathering supply chain PFAS data to align with the new EPA reporting requirements and other state regulations, including detailed reporting by supplier, product content, and regulation.

“With upcoming changes and requirements to the TSCA regulation, coupled with the emerging non-regulatory risks, it’s critical for manufacturers to understand where PFAS are in the supply chain,” said Jackie Romano, Senior Vice President, Global Procurement at The Fountainhead Group. “Assent’s solution is a scalable option that gives The Fountainhead Group confidence in our ability to show our due diligence with PFAS challenges head-on.”

For more information about Assent’s new PFAS solution or to request a demo, please visit: https://www.assent.com/solutions/product-compliance/pfas

About Assent Inc. 

Assent provides a leading supply chain sustainability management solution that supports manufacturers across the globe in addressing their product compliance and ESG needs. Founded in 2010, the company helps manufacturers collect and manage the supply chain data needed to meet environmentally and socially responsible product standards. With advanced technology and deep regulatory expertise, Assent enables companies to collect data that is aligned with regulations and industry standards to manage risks, accelerate market access, and foster sustainable practices. For more information, visit: www.assent.com.

Media Contact: Katie Padilla, assent@padillaco.com or (202) 845-4982.

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